Spring Break Brats:

By: Katrina England

Genres: #Brat #Sexual Experimentation #Anthology


Part 1 : Carson Friedman, a bright 31 year old Ph.D candidate packs his bags and heads to the beaches of Florida to study the exploits and debaucheries of college students on Spring Break. Setting out to observe and interview these young students and their non-stop partying for his doctoral dissertation, these wild undergraduates seem more than willing to share their stories with him. But a few hard partying young ladies are ready to share more than just personal accounts. They're ready to show him first hand what kind of debaucherous adventures can happen during spring break. Will Carson choose a weekend of hedonism over the advancement of sociological knowledge? Higher education gets hot and steamy as Carson gets an education he will never forget. Spring break sex has never been so enlightening...

Part 2 : "This stuff is unrealistic," Sierra exclaimed. "I mean, how many times in the history of the world has a pizza deliverer been seduced by three horny women? It basically NEVER happens!"

What had begun as three friends watching an adult film and joking about how improbable it was for the kind of sex depicted in the videos to reflect reality was gradually becoming a serious discussion between them. The more they talked about it, the more tempted they were to see if they could actually pull something like this off. It would be an exciting adventure for them and something they would reminisce about for years to come when their college days were behind them.

Three college brats--Christa, Shannon, and Sierra-- turn their spring break vacation into an all out marathon of erotic adventure and experimentation. Join them as they live out their most extreme spring break sex fantasies in this second installment of the Spring Break Brats series. These bisexual college girls will do anything for a good time. Get ready for a page turning college girl erotica adventure.

Author's Bio:

Katrina England is an author of erotic fiction. She is the author of Kelly's Conquests, Degradation, and Bethany's Secrets.

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