Qedesha: Sacred Prostitution

By: Alexa Nichols

Genres: #Prostitution #Historical #Graphic Scenes


'Qedesha' was a pleasant surprise
I think it deserves a big fat prize
It takes place a long time ago
Before it was a sin to fuck and blow

Prostitutes were used for an important need
Helping men spread their life-giving seed
Alexa has honored these sacred whores
Who gave men pleasure and a whole lot more

Each sex act is described in a detailed way
You'll wish you lived back in the day
Writing about sex she knows her shit
This book will surely be a hit

'Qedesha' was a pleasant surprise
I think it deserves a big fat prize"


The mysterious custom of the Qedesha - a group of highly trained sacred prostitutes - is an organization that the naive, yet hot and bothered young virgin Keira is aching to be inducted into. This story follows her sexually charged journey in graphic, erotic detail as she fervently pursues sexual enlightenment.

Author's Bio:

Alexa Nichols is a full-time writer who refuses to stray away from erotica - the reading of it, the writing of it, and definitely the enjoying of it.

She's a lover of all things sexual, and is a strong supporter of lesbian and gay rights. She herself is bisexual, though she does lean more towards the males than the females.

Currently she is watching the Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black" and reading the "Beautiful Creatures" series of books.

She lives in Corpus Christi with her brother, J.C., and is currently (fantastically) single.

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