His Forever Sub: Club Alpha Cove Book 9

By: Linzi Basset

Genres: #Dom #Powerful Women #BDSM


Iliana Wolf was underfoot in the club wherever Ryder Whitmore turned. He was irritated, he was annoyed, and he was aroused - all the time. There was something about her that called out to him and he found it hard to resist. As a successful businessman, he knew how to deal with people and as the Club Manager and Senior Master at Club Alpha Cove, he knew how to handle women. He'd had more than enough 'little pets' in his bed as proof of that. Now, he ran across one woman he didn't know how to handle. He kept pushing her away with one hand and dragging her back with the other.

Iliana wanted Ryder from the first moment she laid eyes on him and made her intentions clear, willing to fight for what she wanted. She was a tough cookie in the boardroom and had brought grown men to their knees many a time. But there was something missing in her life. She needed more, she needed to let go of being tough and let someone else be in charge. She believed Ryder was the man to take full control of her.

What followed was an emotional roller-coaster filled with swirling emotions, insecurities, and Ryder's past, which tore them apart. Would he be able to rebuild the bridge that he destroyed with his actions? Moreover, would Iliana believe him?

And what about the Syndicate? How far will they go this time to obtain their primary goal? Taking over David's Island.

This is a standalone, full-length novel. However, to enrich your experience it is recommended that you read the Club Alpha Cove series in order.

Author's Bio:
Linzi Basset dabbles in the Corporate world by day and writes erotica by night, and never the two shall meet. Or will they? Writing erotica...who knows...anything is possible...between the pages of a book! There's nothing hotter than bringing fantasies to life and sensually enticing others inside your own little world of erotic fun.

She writes sweltering, erotic stories, some drenched with BDSM elements, all entrenched within exclusive BDSM clubs. The sex is blisteringly intense, with the aim to leave you hot and bothered, yearning for an intimate connection such as these masterful Dominants or Alpha Males have with their beloved submissives or women. Look out for some humoristic dialogue, smashing Dominants and absolutely hot sex. Be warned, it's not your usual Dom/sub dynamic, but it's hot and a lot of fun. There's a little suspense in all her stories, and yeah...she's a softy for happy endings and forever after.

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