Desperation: Colt's Acquittal - Club Wicked Cove Book 2

By: Linzi Basset

Genres: #BDSM #Organized Crime #Drama


In Part 1, Ceejay Powell found love and absolution, for her guilt, in the arms of Colt Fargo, the owner of Club Wicked Cove, until his dark past reared its head in the form of the Occhipinti organization..

Colt now returns to find himself at the helm of the most feared and powerful American crime family, to reprise his role as The Devil's Spawn, a name replete with evil. A phone call jars loose recent memories that he had compartmentalized in the back of his mind and spins his world upside down. Enraged by the turn of events he travels back to Jacksonville to avenge the deceit.

Ceejay finds it impossible to associate Damiano Vitale with the man that she once loved. Soon, her secret is revealed, pushing Damiano to violate every emotion he had ever held as rage blinds him to anything but retribution and turning his love for Ceejay, into hate.

When a demented psychopath comes along, the bond they once had and tried to repair becomes endangered of being destroyed forever.

This tale is wrought in depth with the fullest scope for which the human condition is accountable: love, hate, violence, betrayal and death. Will Damiano be acquitted in the court of public opinion for his crimes of passion or will he be found guilty and condemned to a life of misery and self-loathing?

Author's Bio:

Linzi Basset dabbles in the Corporate world by day and writes erotica by night, and never the two shall meet. Or will they? Writing erotica...who knows...anything is possible...between the pages of a book! There's nothing hotter than bringing fantasies to life and sensually enticing others inside your own little world of erotic fun.

She writes sweltering, erotic stories, some drenched with BDSM elements, all entrenched within exclusive BDSM clubs. The sex is blisteringly intense, with the aim to leave you hot and bothered, yearning for an intimate connection such as these masterful Dominants or Alpha Males have with their beloved submissives or women. Look out for some humoristic dialogue, smashing Dominants and absolutely hot sex. Be warned, it's not your usual Dom/sub dynamic, but it's hot and a lot of fun. There's a little suspense in all her stories, and yeah...she's a softy for happy endings and forever after.

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