Short Strokes: The Complete Collection

By: Richard Bacula

Genres: #Fantasies #Erotica #Anthology


They are written as an homage to the kind of "Letters Page" style of scenarios from Men's Magazines, typically with simple "You'll never believe what happened to me..." plots that revolve around classic sexual fantasies, or explore new twists on well-used themes.

The stories include:

Past the Bullsh*t--A 767-word story about sexual satisfaction between strangers.
Natural--A 1613-word story about a nude beach encounter.

So Close--A 1078-word story about a teacher and student who are irresistibly drawn toward each other.

We Have This Game--A 1568-word exploration of a recurring sex game between two lovers.

The Bottomlands--A 1545-word story about a lost hiker quenching his thirst at a local bar, with the help of a barmaid.

The Life of a Hero--A 1510-word cosplay story about a captive Wonder Woman being forced to pleasure a lusty Batman.

Rough Day--An 830-word story about the the tail-end of a rough day, a day so bad that only a blindfold and a blowjob can make it right.

Love Bites--A 1160-word story about a man who encounters an 18 year-old girl that he used to babysit, and finds out that she's still a naughty girl at heart.

Women-- (1262 words) Drunk and desperate to fine a horny woman, a lonely man stumbles into the right Women's Restroom.

Between the Sea and the Sky-- (1261 words) A young woman is taught to appreciate the finer points of life (and sex) on a cruise ship.

White Tail-- (1264 words) A hunter is looking for deer, but instead finds a horny country girl.

Okay, Here's My Story-- (1262 words) A lonely man on a long road trip succumbs to the erotic temptations of a carwash vacuum machine.

Sally's Dress-- (719 words) While the boys are away, the girls will play!

Stiff Competition-- (1823 words) When a man finds himself the prize in a competition between two women, he tries to work it out so that everybody wins!

Epiphany-- (2390 words) Two guy friends are approached by a woman at a bar. She tells them that she'll go home with them, but it has to be both of them: a package deal.

Helpless--A 1562-word story about a couple engaging in some kinky role-play.

Allison Did--A 1699-word story about Allison's trip to a hypnotist, and the naughty things that he asks her to do.

The Amway Lady--A 1770-word story about a man names Stan, and his growing addiction to bubble baths and the woman who sells them.

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