Ms. Baden’s Bottom Line

By: Alice A. Eden

Genres: #Domination/Submission #Sexual Experimentation #Confessions


When they were in their forties, Andrew Spires took Sarah Baden to astral heights of ecstasy as they mutually explored the paradoxical relationship between pleasure and pain. In time, Sarah shed her reticence and emerged as a sexually creative equal-to Andrew’s surprise, delight, and chagrin. Their dominant/submissive role reversals and intense physical and psychological experimentation deepened intimacy, fortified trust, and forged a lasting bond of their hearts, souls, and bodies.

Twenty-five years later, Sarah longs for the searing passion, exquisite highs, and boundary-exploding orgasms she can only remember. In an attempt to better understand herself and her marriage to Andrew, Sarah documents their past sexual experiences, exposes her conflicted, confused feelings, and examines in explicit detail the dynamics of control and submission. Her manuscript seductively tantalizes Andrew’s interest as she allows him to read portions of her work in process.

What will Sarah learn about herself as she puts these physical and emotional memories into words? Will Andrew’s libido reawaken when he reads her book? How hot can sex be before it hurts too much?

Author's Bio:

Alice A. Eden wonders why she, like Ms. Baden, did not discover the mentally- expanding, emotionally-titillating, and genitally-exploding world of BDSM sex at an earlier age. She suspects her ultra-strict, repressive upbringing contributed to her delayed sexual awakening. But after breaking free and experiencing a belated but joyous coming-of-age, Alice now wants to empower others to explore, experiment, and have fun, regardless of the direction their sexual interests might take them.

Alice had a 40-year career in a perfectly mainstream and respected profession. With writing a passion since childhood, she now has time to devote to the craft. Her colleagues, friends, and neighbors would be most surprised to learn that Alice has written a book with such graphic, wanton, and hedonistic depictions of sexual antics. In fact, they’d have trouble believing Alice even knew about such things. She’s just too sweet and naive. A native Southerner, Alice currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her own version of Andrew Spires. One day perhaps she’ll have the courage to own this book.

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