Her Man In The Step

By: Tori Westwood

Genres: #Step-Incest #Unprotected Sex #Pregnant


Older Alpha Male Younger Fertile Woman Taboo Forbidden Romance

Taboo Shorts

Man of the House Johnny and innocent Brat, Kim, hatch a hasty plan to give the woman they both love the bundle of joy she deserves but can't have.

Keen to release her fertile body to him and feeling broody, Kim sneaks into his room at night, surprising and waking experienced Johnny in his bed. He has no option but to have her in a saucy, forbidden bout of taboo love that is by no means gentle, seeing her taken hard, and without protection by his burgeoning equipment as he gives her the alpha male treatment that she so desperately desires!

Author's Bio:

Tori Westwood is a top-100 writer of illicit erotica that'd make a porn-star blush. If you like your stories with a risque punch and a side-order of taboo, have a look inside some of her more popular titles. When she isn't writing about herself in the third person, Tori sometimes refers to herself as 'I.'

She despises long walks and thinks watching the sun set is OK, but she'd much rather have a large glass of wine and a night in with her other half.

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