Girl Trade

By: Chloe Thurlow

Genres: #Audio Book #Kidnapping #Trafficking


Audible - Unabridged

"What an adventure Thurlow tells in Girl Trade. Never having traveled to any exotic location, Thurlow invites the reader to wondrous places in this novel. This was the first writings by Thurlow that I have read and I can guarantee, not the last. The way Thurlow takes 'The Girl' to Spain and the deserts of Africa, she made me feel the atmosphere of the lands.

The way the descriptions are presented made my imagination complete. Thurlow should be applauded for her exquisite creativity with Girl Trade. Never in all the hundreds and thousands of romance tales and stories that I have read over the decades has a novel left me so speechless. - Simply Erotic Reviews"

Author's Bio:

My name is Chloe Thurlow, author, blogger, I am the girl at the bar at 1.00 in the morning who looks like she should have gone home and maybe has no home to go to. I am thin, chic, in an abstract sort of way. I have high cheekbones, long legs, perhaps too thin, and I like dancing.

I compose my work in the dead hours between two and six while London sleeps and the early morning planes follow the Thames into Heathrow carrying bankers and businessmen hoping to make it in the greatest city on earth - London, where I was born on a December night with a full-moon overhead and snow covering the garden.

Writing is a sickness, an ailment, an addiction. When I'm not writing, I'm thinking about what I have written that day and, when I do go to bed, I lay sleeplessly thinking about what I am going to write when I get up and start again the following day.

When I do sleep, I sleep badly, in spite of the magnets under my mattress that are supposed to orientate my body north to south so the dragon lines pass through the invisible portal at the top of my skull and down to my feet, my best feature, an old boyfriend once said. The last thing he ever said, now I come to think about it.

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