Licked To Completion

By: Lexi Stevens

Genres: #Lesbian #BDSM #Spanking


A First Time Lesbian Romance

Ada couldn't believe it when her long-term boyfriend admitted he wanted to break up after sex. Furious, confused, and covered in her wetness, she drove to the nearest bar for a drink. Little did she know, this spot was for females only.

Joan is an accomplished therapist and her own boss at the company. She's independent, sexy, and beautiful - but she carries a dark obsession: she lusts after young women and yearns to be their master.

Out of high school and ready for college, Ada is prepared for a hot first time experience. And though Ada is hesitant, Joan is ready to teach her a thing or two about domination and submission.

This is a HOT and heavy Erotic Romance, unlike any other First Time Lesbian story. Do you like hard spankings, girl on girl action, and innocent college experiences? How about domestic discipline, moist licking, and dominating women? Masters and Servants anyone? Lexi Stevens delivers another sexy story that is guaranteed to leave your bed sheets soaking wet and drenched. Get ready for the time of your life.

Author's Bio:

Lexi Stevens is a young, adventurous writer who lives for new sexual encounters. I usually write from my own experiences, past and present, but I do add a little spice to all my stories. I have a strong need to feel useful so I write what I can everyday.

During the day, I am a single student with a lot of time on my hands. I'm perky, upbeat, and I love going out and meeting new people. I wrote my first short because I wanted to turn myself on. Now I am addicted! At night, I recreate my dreams of unlikely encounters - the ones that boil my blood and take my breath away...

Do you like fulfilling your deepest fantasies? Get ready for the night of your life...

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