His FBI Sub

By: Linzi Basset

Genres: #BDSM #Domination/Submission #Suspense


Club Alpha Cove Book 1

The ultra-sexy Courtney Sears joined an exclusive BDSM club - Club Alpha Cove - while working undercover to infiltrate a dangerous syndicate. Tough as nails and as sassy as they come, this FBI agent was in for the ride of her life. After a personal tragedy, Courtney led a lonely life for six years. Her job became her world and she took risks that no one else would to ensure that her loved ones remained alive.

Ruark Greer, owner of Club Alpha Cove, spotted Courtney and instantly decided she would be HIS - setting in motion a plan to ensure her return to his club. Despite her original purpose for attending the club and trying her damnedest to keep her distance, her fascination with the gorgeous hunky Master grew and, under his unyielding hands, she discovered a need she could no longer deny.

Through his affection for this sassy sub, the sadist in him slowly came to rest. Did they both find everything they needed?

Author's Bio:

Linzi Basset dabbles in the Corporate world by day and writes erotica by night, and never the two shall meet. Or will they? Writing erotica...who knows...anything is possible...between the pages of a book! There's nothing hotter than bringing fantasies to life and sensually enticing others inside your own little world of erotic fun.

She writes sweltering, erotic stories, some drenched with BDSM elements, all entrenched within exclusive BDSM clubs. The sex is blisteringly intense, with the aim to leave you hot and bothered, yearning for an intimate connection such as these masterful Dominants or Alpha Males have with their beloved submissives or women. Look out for some humoristic dialogue, smashing Dominants and absolutely hot sex. Be warned, it's not your usual Dom/sub dynamic, but it's hot and a lot of fun. There's a little suspense in all her stories, and yeah...she's a softy for happy endings and forever after.

"So, if you're looking for some entertainment, filled with hot, sexy fun, I'm your girl...woman... writer...argh well, you know what I mean!"

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