By: Jordan Silver

Genres: #Alpha Males #Bad Boy #Bad Girl


The Spitfire Book 1

Shane Flanagan is Prince of the City and all around badass; that is until he comes up against Arianna Rossi the young spitfire with nothing but guts and determination on her side. They butt heads at every turn as they each battle for dominance. Who will be the victor in this tug of war as they circle each other while keeping their enemies at bay? Shane the tough young don? Or Ari the mouthy younger woman with a truck load of secrets?

Author's Bio:

I am an avid reader, writer and traveler who lives in the Southeast with my husband of many years. I believe in love and happily ever after and totally abhor angst in my reading. As a young girl I snuck and read my nonna's Mills and Boons starting at the age of eleven, until my school mates introduced me to the wild world of LoveSwept and Harlequin Romance. My favorite authors then are my favorites now, and I can only dream of having that same devotion from my own readers. When I was old enough to understand such things, I decided that I needed a little more umph in my stories and since I wasn't getting it, I decided to write it myself. My possessive, obsessive alpha heroes are not for everyone, but for those who enjoy them, I wish you happy reading and many more hours of the same.

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