Corporal Idaho

By: Devlin O'Neill

Genres: #Prison/Jail #Spanking #Punishment



Revised Edition

And now for something completely different from Devlin O'Neill, with slight revisions to the text for this Kindle edition:

In a deadly and not too distant future, Sergeant Cameron has the best job he can imagine-chief disciplinarian at a women's prison-and he is very good at his work. His Inmate Regulation Center resounds daily with the crack of the paddle, the wisp of the cane, and the heartfelt wails of unruly inmates as he sternly punishes bare bottoms. Even his fellow correctional officers-all female-are not exempt from the sting of leather or the heat of his palm on their squirming behinds when they misbehave-sometimes on purpose, hopeful of exactly that outcome and the steamy sex that follows.

Cameron paid heavily for his ideal employment, and he has the heroic credentials and the scars to prove it, but time is running out. The virus plague that fragmented the U.S. to small nation states rages still, as do the wars that started soon after. And decorated veteran that he is, Cameron must rejoin the fight. Although enemies surround his tiny republic, Cameron's toughest foe comes from within.

Corporal Idaho is hot literary erotica from a master of the craft with the gloves off.

Author's Bio:

Devlin O'Neill is a lifelong vagabond and student of the human condition. He has been writing and publishing erotic spanking stories and novels for over a decade and a half. He also muses, mutters, and pontificates on spanking and whatever else happens to be on his mind at his web log,

He is named Best Spanking Romance Author of 2015 by Spanking Romance Reviews. (Tied with Renee Rose) His book The Extravengers was named Best Spanking Comedy Romance of the year, and Franny in his novel Ripple In Still Water won as best heroine. A quote from that book also won as best of the year.

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