A Man In My Position: Book 1

By: Elliot Jay

Genres: #FemDom #Non-Fiction #Female Led Marriage


The Well Tempered Husband Book 1

A guide to surrendering to the love and sexuality of your wife: her needs, her authority, her discipline.

Never be bored in your marriage again...no, really.

Embracing your wife as the leader of your marriage might seem extreme; but it changes everything.

First and foremost - there is only one sexuality in your marriage - hers. Which means that, as an obedient husband you pleasure her when, and only when, she is "in the mood". The rest of the time you are chaste - unless she decides otherwise.

Sound hard? Well it is. The reward is in having a deeply satisfied wife and something to look forward to.

Second, she's in charge. In every sense of that word. Disobedience is met with correction. In "A Man in My Position" you'll learn how loving correction can put the erotic thrill back into a marriage and keep it there.

Third, a husband in a female led marriage becomes the man his wife has always wanted. How? By paying close attention to her. By surrendering to her decisions and requirements. By answering "yes ma'am" rather than "in a minute".

Fourth, an obedient husband is a happy husband. When he is at home he has no decisions to make, no stress. He is mindful of his wife and her needs and pleasures. He learns to ignore his own urges, keep his temper and enjoy his position.

"A Man in My Position" is the first book in a series called "The Well Tempered Husband". At least two further books are in preparation.

It is an introduction to the philosophy and practice of female led marriage from the obedient husband's perspective. Partially a "how to" guide for couples, it also explores the "why" of male submission.

For a wife, fed up with a listless marriage, it contains plenty of inspiration as well as practical suggestions.

For a submissive, or soon to be submissive, husband it details how your new marriage will work and what you can expect.

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