Exploration: Nolan's Regret - Club Wicked Cove Book 3

By: Linzi Basset

Genres: #BDSM #Organized Crime #Drama


Nolan Shaffer knows all too well. The billionaire co-owner of Club Wicked Cove seems to have it all-power, prestige, looks, friends . . . and women - anyone he wants, except for one. And the gap between fantasy and reality grows wider by the minute. Plagued by a guilt-ridden past, he struggles to let go and embrace his future in the form of Jewel Flint, a drop-dead gorgeous woman whose heart remains a hand's-breadth out of his reach.

The chemistry between Nolan and Jewel took them on a trip of hot sensual ecstasy - inside and out of the club. Neither could get enough of the other as Jewel submitted to the powerful Dom who managed to drown her in a sea of pleasure, time and again.

Right now, the future portends untold malevolence. In a macabre twist of fate, Nolan and Jewel find themselves inextricably bound up together by the forces of evil. But before they can be freed, the ties to his past must be finally severed.
When confronted with the inevitable choices, will they be able to rise to the challenge or will their world implode around them, obliterating any hope of a life together.

With a psychopathic Mafioso out for revenge, Nolan must dig deep to protect, at any cost, all whom he loves and cherishes.
Fear and regret collide to form a potent alchemy that unleashes the power of the will.
Wondering what happened to Colt Fargo? Does he manage to master the darkness inside of him? Will the Occhipinti Crime Family ever let him go?
This is the third book in the Club Wicked Cove Series that will take you on a roller-coaster ride from the picturesque Isle of Capri to the demimonde of a BDSM club. Get strapped in for a wild ride. This series should ideally be read in order.

Author's Bio:
Linzi Basset dabbles in the Corporate world by day and writes erotica by night, and never the two shall meet. Or will they? Writing erotica...who knows...anything is possible...between the pages of a book! There's nothing hotter than bringing fantasies to life and sensually enticing others inside your own little world of erotic fun.

She writes sweltering, erotic stories, some drenched with BDSM elements, all entrenched within exclusive BDSM clubs. The sex is blisteringly intense, with the aim to leave you hot and bothered, yearning for an intimate connection such as these masterful Dominants or Alpha Males have with their beloved submissives or women. Look out for some humoristic dialogue, smashing Dominants and absolutely hot sex. Be warned, it's not your usual Dom/sub dynamic, but it's hot and a lot of fun. There's a little suspense in all her stories, and yeah...she's a softy for happy endings and forever after.

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