Adventures In #CovertHypnotism - Omnibus

By: Lucian Carter

Genres: #Mind Control #Hypnotism #Anthology


This collection includes the first seven steaming hot installments of the "Adventures In #CovertHypnotism" series. Find straight, gay and bi sex and erotic hypnosis suitable for subs and aspiring hypnotists to learn from.

What is #CovertHypnotism? It's a number of things. It's a Tumblr It's also an irc channel on If you don't know what irc is I encourage you to learn more about it. The channel is open to everyone, you might even find me there.These sessions are based on real life interactions with patrons of #coverthypnotism.

The topic of #coverthypnotism warns that entering the channel equals consent. That said, I feel hypnosis will never make you doing something you don't want to. The people I play with are all consenting adults, even though some like to play at being otherwise.

Step inside #coverthypnosis, feed your fetish, or find a new one!

Author's Bio:

Lucian Carter lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He began self-publishing in 2012 and, like many other authors before him, started by writing erotic material. He is currently expanding into more mainstream works.

Lucian suffers from Bipolar Disorder. Writing is one of the ways he copes with the ups and downs of the disease. He hopes that by being open and honest about his condition he can help fight the stigma of mental illness.

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