A Jack 'N Jill Christmas

By: Maggie Hale

Genres: #Holiday Story #Step-Incest #Fantasy Fulfilled


XXX-mas Book 2

A sordid tale of a dark Christmas miracle that happens right under the Christmas tree. An exciting indulgence in the taboo thoughts that sometimes cross our minds at the holidays..

Christmas is a few days away and Jack's dad has to leave on a two week business trip, leaving only Jack and his stepmother Jill home for the holiday. But, it turns out they both have exactly what the other asked for for Christmas.


Approx 14,000 words

Author's Bio:

Instead of saying 'I've always been good at writing' I'll say that I've always enjoyed writing. That should dodge some disagreement and criticism from people with too much time on their hands I think.

Being generally unsatisfied with my job (clerical temp/administrative assistant) I started looking for creative pursuits to fulfill me. In a funny coincidence, it wasn't until my boyfriend and I split up that I decided to write. After a couple weeks apart I found myself trolling websites for a couple hours a day looking for something to get me off and nothing seemed to do the trick.

I like to be able to picture the scenes and feel like I'm right there, like I might get a bit of cum on me if I'm not careful. Watching porn didn't engage me enough and most of the writing I found was too short or too much of the "then he banged her a bunch and they came all over, she owed him for such a good banging" variety. So, I resolved to write stories that interested me but also made me cum like a waterfall.

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