The Family Fuck Club (Daddy's Slutty Little Twins)

By: Patricia Anne Spenser

Genres: #TooKinky4Amazon #Incest #AnalSex



I was a sexually-curious little 18-year-old the night I discovered my parents having secret swingers' parties.

And not just regular swingers' parties but family sex parties, wide-open sex gatherings where fathers & daughters, mothers & sons, uncles & nieces and even perverted grandparents had wanton sex with everybody. In other words, where they got together (every sick combination!) to have wildly inappropriate, naked fun.

Incest is what they were about and no one was shy in any way except that it was a huge secret.

And all family members were invited. The more the merrier.
On top of that weirdness, they made DVDs to secretly pass around! Which is how I learned about it, by accident!

Were they insane?! ! And worse, I learned my twin sister Becky was part of their filthy fun, somehow lured into their sick world of depravity. That was even more shocking, because Becky was always the good girl, the quiet twin, the dutiful daughter who’d stayed home to help with the family business while I’d zipped off to college as soon as I could.

And I swear, I almost threw up when I saw those DVDs with my father & my twin sister doing anal sex.

Author's Bio:

I'm a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to mother. Not if you're smart. That's really all you need to know.

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