Group Debaucheries

By: Katrina England

Genres: #First Time #Group #Anthology


As the men paraded into the room, Kara stood up from the couch and prepared for the swarm of horny men. Chelsea placed a small throw-pillow next to the couch so she could get on her knees and keep a few guys firm while they were waiting for their turn to be with Kara. She got down on her knees and watched as the men surrounded her. Every man there was eager to get their hands on the beautiful and nubile Kara, her 19 year old body beckoning to them as their shafts filled with blood."

Now nothing is off-limits in these three satisfying tales of debauchery and taboo multiple partner erotica. Older men meet bi-curious first timers and bisexual younger women who are up for practically anything and everything. These group sex stories and tales of first time pleasures will please the senses and fire the imagination.

Author's Bio:

Katrina England is an author of erotic fiction. She is the author of Kelly's Conquests, Degradation, and Bethany's Secrets.

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