Home Is Where The Heart Is

By: Laura Lovecraft

Genres: #ValentinesDay #OldNYoung #PowerOfLove


A sweet, yet sexy tale of an unlikely romance!

Down and out pan handler Jamie only has one thing that gets him through the day. His brief visits with Paula, an attractive older woman who has befriended him. Paula is alone for Valentine's so Jamie gives her a rose. Little does he know his sweet gesture is about to get him much more in return!

If it wasn't for bad luck 20 year old Jamie would have none at all. With his only family being the aunt who raised him, and who now resides in a nursing home, Jamie is practically homeless and forced to beg on the corner to survive.

Although life has not been fair to him, he still tries to do the right things. He applies to jobs, visits his sick aunt and works when he can. As bad as things are, Jamie is not a quitter, starting each day with the mantra "It will get better than this"

Well today is Valentine's Day and little does Jamie know things are about to get a lot better for him. The one bright spot in his life, Paula an older woman who has befriended him, has also had some bad luck and despite being attractive is very lonely.

Deciding to do something nice for Paula to repay her for being so kind to him. Jamie spends his last few dollars on a rose and a card for her. She is thrilled when he gives them to her, and Jamie feels good that he has made her happy.

What Jamie doesn't know yet is that, that sweet gesture is about to get him so much more in return.

Author's Bio:

Like her famous namesake, Laura was born, raised, and still resides in historic Providence, Rhode Island. This Lovecraft's writing, however, brings thrills of a completely different kind! Don't let the freckles and sweet smile fool you...erotica's bad girl is not for the faint of heart!

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