Erotic Pulp Volume 1: Smutpunk Reader

By: Callie Press

Genres: #Pornish #Kinky #Anthology


The first in an ongoing collection of short stories, some self-contained, some serving as introduction to new characters, all of it certified 100% SMUTPUNK! Think of it as a Smutpunk Reader's Digest, or an anthology- or annual-style comic book without the pictures. Some of the short stories, poetry, and other kinds of works that will be in the Erotic Pulp series are amusing, some are violent, some are romantic, some are mysterious, some are steampunk or cyberpunk or splatterpunk...but ALL of them are Smutpunk right up your place that smutpunk likes to go! If you've ever asked, "What is Smutpunk?", you'll get a good idea by reading Erotic Pulp.

Author's Bio:

Callie Press is a naughty and strange writer who likes to talk about sex (and other socially inappropriate things, like comic books and Cthulhu). When she isn't writing, she is probably reading, or watching something violent with half-naked, overly-muscled heroes.

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