Writing and Publishing Erotica

By: Katrina England

Genres: #NonFiction #Educational #Instructional


Do you dream of writing and self publishing erotica and romance books? There are tens of thousands of these books on Amazon that you will have to compete with. If simply writing and uploading your book to the Kindle Store would result in sales, there would be a lot of writers making a lot money. But this is not the case. Most erotica authors won't even earn $10 for their efforts.

The good news is that you CAN successfully self publish erotica and make sales every single day of you know how to write for the erotica and romance market and take simple but effective steps to draw readers. It is not as hard as you may think, but very few writers are taking these steps to improve their sales.

In this book I will show you :

simple techniques to enhance your erotic creativity and create powerful and emotional characters in your story
use Amazon and GoodReads to reach a much larger audience of potential fans
how to choose niche markets that you personally love and can make money from
use keywords effectively in order to guarantee that buyers see your books
write product descriptions that make readers want to read your book now
how to publish your book and market it for maximum sales

Get started writing erotica and romance today with the book that will show you how to succeed from the very beginning.

Author's Bio:

Katrina England is an author of erotic fiction. She is the author of Kelly's Conquests, Degradation, and Bethany's Secrets.

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