His Mother's Champion

By: Dinkleberry

Genres: #Too Kinky 4 Amazon #Incest #M.I.L.F


Mom. What would you do for her? As her son, will you defend her honor? For her love, would you change the world? To become her love, would you stop at nothing else? To go from being her son to becoming her man, how far will you go? Come, learn how Brand became more than just Stephania's son. "Besides, what would have done?" he asks after he comes to be His Mother's Champion.

Mother-Son love is a volatile dangerous combustion that burns red-hot. When incestuous desire becomes action, it changes the world. "What would you have done?" Brand asks after he discovers his father cheating on Brand's true love: Stephania, his mother. When his mom sees Brand defend her honor, she knows her son feels the taboo lusts she has. Stephania knows who will be His Mother's Champion.

Author's Bio:

Why Dinkleberry? As a little girl, I followed my older brother and his friends everywhere. I clung to them like a... like a dingleberry. However, in Brooklyn the soft G is pronounced with a hard K. Dear Old Dad shortened it to a more acceptable nickname: Dink. My love for these men is why I cherish the names they bestowed upon me.
With my writing, I find the courtship and initial seduction of an illicit and forbidden relationship delicious fodder to explore. While I write about taboo relationships, my characters find motivation in the ideals of Love, Desire and Passion not retribution, domination or subjugation. Their end goal is a wish to develop into a happy and loving couple. I aim for my stories to be believable and plausible. I do not believe people cross the line against a strong social taboo easily. They need to coaxed, cajoled and ultimately enticed to do so.
With many of my stories, I try to develop an explanation as to why the narrator is sharing their story instead of it seeming as if they are bragging of their conquest.
Readers often express surprise that as a female, I generally choose to write from the male's point of view. When I write from the male's perspective, I enjoy the challenge of having to climb into my narrator's mind. I get to describe what his eye's sees, including the beauty of the female character; how his mind thinks; and what his heart feels. It separates me from my character and allows his personality to grow, develop, and show. When successful, the story is told from his voice and not my own.
This allows my characters to be not only distinct from myself but also from the other males in my other stories. It also allows my female characters to be diverse and distinct from each other yet still celebrate their individual beauty. Since, Beauty is in the Eye of The Beholder.
I live in New York, with my girlfriend and our three cats. I hope you will take the time to enjoy all of my stories.
Love, Dink

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