My Wife's Family: A 'Greene Shorts' Short Story

By: Esmeralda Greene

Genres: #TooKinky4Amazon #Incest #Humorous


Nate and Arianne are a happy newlywed couple with a vigorous sex life. But one day Nate witnesses a scene between Arianne and her younger brother that makes him wonder if something "naughty" has been going on between the siblings. When Nate questions his wife, she's reluctant to admit to anything, until Nate makes it clear that he finds the notion of his wife engaging in incest with her brother to be a huge turn-on.

That reassurance opens the floodgates for Arianne's steamy reminiscences. Soon she's telling the tale of her after-school activities with her innocent brother, during which she initiated him into the joys of sex.

And the confessions don't end there. Later they invite Arianne's father over for dinner, and together father and daughter tell the story of how the young Arianne lost her virginity while sitting on her father's lap. Not only do they tell the story, they also re-enact it for Nate's viewing pleasure.

But Arianne still isn't finished with her fond recollections. There's also the memorable time Arianne's mother caught her and her father in a compromising position, and seeing that the relationship was a happy one, decided to join in the action herself!

Author's Bio:
Esmeralda Greene is an erotica writer dedicated to the principle that erotic fiction can be red-hot raunchy while also being written with intelligence, elegance and style. In addition to her self-published works, she has sold short stories to such venues as Sweetmeats Press, Circlet Press, Xcite Books and Clean Sheets Magazine.

Esmeralda's erotica has been called "exuberantly sex-positive," "life affirming," "scorchingly hot," "fresh," "daring," and "skillfully written."

Speaking for herself, Esmeralda says, "My stories are fun, sometimes funny, sometimes clever and witty; but most of all they're sexy. Kinkily, raunchily sexy. Good clean fun at its baddest and dirtiest.

"I sometimes deal with strange and taboo subject matter, but my stories are never dark and my characters are never victims (though some of them may pretend otherwise). My characters always enjoy and exult in their sexuality, engaging in their various unusual and illicit acts with unapologetic joy and a zest for life."

Esmeralda lives in the outskirts of Great Falls, Montana with a poorly trained dog and an even more poorly trained girlfriend. The icy winter nights have taught her the value of a fit body, a vigorous partner, and most importantly, an energetic imagination. Sometimes her steamy flights of imagination boil over in the form of an erotic story, making nights warmer for everyone.

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