Tied-Up Neighbors

By: Ken James

Genres: #BDSM #BiSexual #Gay


Yvette Gill and her husband Jim have a harmless little game. He ties her up naked in the back yard, leaves for a few hours, then comes back and pretends to be a stranger discovering the bound woman.

Everything changed when hunky next door neighbor Paul found Yvette and things got out of hand.

Now, Paul is back for more. But, Yvette and Jim have a surprise waiting for the young stud . . .

Warning: This title contains light bondage and explicit male-female and male-male sex.

Author's Bio:

I was born in Denver and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My first time with another boy was in my early teens. Girls came a few years later.

After I graduated from the University of Wyoming, I spent a year as a roadie for a series of rock and roll bands, then moved to Austin to work for a computer company.

I started writing in grade school and was a reporter on my junior high and high school papers. My lover (now husband) and I published a gay newspaper in Austin for several years.

I've been writing gay and bisexual erotic fiction since 2003.

I live in Austin with my husband Wayde and Snowball, our big black half-Siamese cat.

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