By: Richard J Lloyd

Genres: #Kidnapping #FemDom #Punishment


Sarah, wealthy and the main shareholder in her dead father’s chemical company leaves the everyday running of the business to her six brothers while she continues working in the same job she started in after leaving university; in the sales and distribution department within the company. None of her colleagues in the office know whom she really is, not even the heads of department don’t know about her other than she is mild mannered, timid, plain dressing and rather mousy.

A new department head starts and belittles her and also molests the female staff at every opportunity until after a couple of weeks Sarah snaps and swears vengeance on him.

Although she only needs to speak to her brother to have him removed she decides to handle her revenge her way and getting the opportunity she kidnaps him then painfully teaches him how to treat and speak to women.

Author's Bio:

Richard J Lloyd was born in 1952 to working parents and is the eldest of five brothers. He has a varied working life and although born in Liverpool has worked all over the United Kingdom. He ventured into writing about 30 years ago and wrote a horror book as well as a comedy and some children's stories. Not having any success with them he concentrated on his working life to feed his family. At one point he owned an adult club where he leaned how interested a lot of people were in fetishes although never joined in himself. During the last couple years he has put that knowledge to use by writing medium length stories about the fetish world behind closed doors.
Although he is retired now he spends his day writing and lives with his wife in Merseyside. He is now sixty five and intends to write a lot more in the future even resurrecting the books and stories of thirty years ago.

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