A Loaned Wife's Journey: The Full Story

By: Delores Swallows

Genres: #Shared #Wife #Anthology


The Full Story - His Boss, Both Partners, and The Board

Entertaining His Boss - Julian’s the perfect husband-kind, loving and loyal-yet Nicole had still allowed herself to stray with a colleague. But that was in the past. She’d learned her lesson.

At least she thought she had... until Julian invites his new boss around for dinner.

Ciaran is the exact opposite of Julian. He’s probably never had a selfless moment in his life, but he’s incredibly sexy, and seemingly captivated by her. After much flirting over pudding, she agrees to help him with his bookkeeping for a private business venture.

In the privacy of Ciaran’s office the following week, she allows him to kiss her, and more. She’s just beginning to swim in the pool of self-loathing when something Ciaran says alerts her to the fact that her husband has a few secrets of his own.

When she gets home that day, Nicole and Julian have a discussion that changes things forever...

Serving Both Partners - Everything’s changing for Nicole.

Julian’s promotion means they get to live in a fabulous home. And he’s changing, too. Gone is the loveable-bumbler; in his place, a self-assured senior manager who takes control in the boardroom and the bedroom. Whether that confidence is a result of his new position at work or his decision to share his wife, Nicole isn’t sure-but she’s sure reaping the benefits.

Not only does her husband buy sexy lingerie and shoes for her to thrill her bull, he sometimes dictates what happens on her dates. He even encourages her to enjoy new adventures when the opportunity arises.

But life’s not all plain sailing. They both learn that in an open relationship, openness is just as important as a stellar libido. Secrets have no place in wife-sharing.

When Ciaran reveals he’s developing feelings for her, Nicole reminds him of the rules between hotwife and bull: they only share physical pleasure.

He puts her theory to the test by inviting his business partner along to one of their dates, offering her the chance to experience twice the physical pleasure. Though annoyed by his manipulation, a phone conversation with Julian convinces her to make the most of the opportunity. Nicole follows his advice.

The perfect husband is hard to find but, for a loaned wife, there’s a long list of bulls waiting for their chance...

Approved by The Board - After Ciaran decided to share her with his business partner, Nicole knows it’s time to move on. Only her husband gets to share her. Ciaran was just her bull, and the bullpen’s full of alternatives for a beautiful hotwife-alternatives like the gregarious couple next door.

Unable to accept that their kinky times are over, Ciaran persuades Nicole to accompany him to Ireland on a business trip to charm a bank manager and join his firm’s get-together in Galway. Angered by his deviousness on the first day, Nicole makes him pay on the second, getting along too well with his colleagues for his liking.

Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, Nicole finds just how good life as loaned wife can be. And her husband’s suggestion means that once the travel restrictions are lifted, her adventures will get even better...

Author's Bio:

Delores Swallows has many dirty thoughts, and during his free time he writes them down in the form of stories. Born and bred in the northwest of England, he has a commoner’s accent and a bit of a crush on his future queen (Kate, not Camilla!).

His stories often feature petite brunettes, high-heeled shoes and voyeurism. He claims he didn’t realize these were obsessions until someone pointed out how often they appear in his work.

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