50 Shades Of Sleigh

By: Maggie Hale

Genres: #HolidayStory #TabooTopic #Anthology


This is a collection of four Christmas themed books. Two are taboo, two are vanilla. There's something for everyone. Titles and descriptions of the books are below. ENJOY!

An exciting Christmas tale of experimentation and breaking down social boundaries.

Kara has a new promotion and a new apartment and wants to share. She plans a party for Christmas Eve and everything seems like it's going to go off great until cancellations start coming in. By the time the party is supposed to start, Kara is the only guest. But! In a twist of Christmas magic, an unexpected guest does make an appearance and he brought a bag of toys with him like she has never seen. By the end of the night it's the best Christmas that Kara has ever had but.. did it really happen at all?

Christmas Day at Emma and Troy's house. Troy was adopted, the house is crowded, and an accident with one gift leads to Troy and Emma giving each other the most unexpected and cherished gift they could.

Santa hasn't given Mrs. Claus what she really wants for Christmas in centuries. But, with the arrival of the happiness elves that's all about to change. Five male elves, three female elves, and Mrs. Claus come together to revive that Christmas spirit and things get a lot more messy than just wrapping paper.

Author's Bio:
Instead of saying 'I've always been good at writing' I'll say that I've always enjoyed writing. That should dodge some disagreement and criticism from people with too much time on their hands I think.

I like to be able to picture the scenes and feel like I'm right there, like I might get a bit of cum on me if I'm not careful. Watching porn didn't engage me enough and most of the writing I found was too short or too much of the "then he banged her a bunch and they came all over, she owed him for such a good banging" variety. So, I resolved to write stories that interested me but also made me cum like a waterfall.

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