Office Hotties

By: George Boxlicker

Genres: #OfficeSex #DubCon #Anthology


Although the compensation is frequently less for office work than for blue collar jobs, there are many people who would never change to the latter, because the white- collar fringe benefits are too good to pass up.

The descriptions of these benefits being enjoyed are sexually highly explicit and written in great detail. Therefore, this book is intended strictly for adults who like to read about the carnal escapades of other adults, and who wish they could join in the fun.

The fun includes anal and oral sex and the role playing of sexual harassment almost to the point of rape. But don’t be alarmed about that, because all the characters are willing participants or are deserving of the abuse they endure.

There is a story here of two cougars who revel in frolicking with each other’s sons. There is a tale of a young woman who misleads her misogynistic male boss into believing he is getting away with sexual harassment of her, then turns the tables on him. There are two stories of a beautiful and sexy young woman who tricks a contractor into sexual carousing with her on the floor of the office, to the immense satisfaction of both parties.

The rest of the stories are of men and women with the hots for each other, who take advantage of their proximity to indulge themselves in the privacy of their offices.

When you finish reading this book, you may decide to go out and find another job where you will be surrounded by men and women who lust for each other and are able to fulfill their desires.

Author's Bio:

All my life I have been fascinated by erotic stories. As a child, I even swiped paperback novels from my parents in order to read the more salacious parts. I have also been told, since I was very young, that I have a way with words and, now that I have the time, I have combined these aspects of myself.

I am retired, live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am a prolific writer of sexually explicit and graphic erotic stories, some of which have appeared in digests and other print or digital form. In order to build up a fan base among kindle owners and more casual readers, I am offering some of my shorter works for free, especially if one of those free stories is the first episode in a longer series.

I really appreciate it if those who read my stories write brief reviews expressing their honest opinions, whether praise or put downs. I can't force anybody to do this, but I do request it of readers, whether they have read a free sample or have paid for a download. I find such reviews help me improve my writing, and I will respond to anybody who leaves an email address.

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