Perils of Paul: Double Knots

By: Valerie Whip

Genres: #FemDom #Feminization #Toys


We last left poor Paul recovering his feminization first at the beach and later at an all-women’s beach house where the women tormented him for their pleasure. Prior to that he was tricked into escorting a young girl to her sorority initiation where cult-like young women played with Paul in every conceivable way. His journey began simple enough as a young boy playing with his sister and subsequently getting caught wearing her clothes. Sisters can be so mean.

Fresh out of college, Paul volunteers his time with a Sea Explorers Troop. There he meets the young, sexy and flirty April. While working with her, he gets offered the opportunity by April to strip her naked and play with her without resistance. It turned out she had other plans for him. What seemed like a sexy private game with a young eager woman turns into an erotic contest.

Helplessly bound and subject to countless women’s depraved desires only served to heighten the desire of revenge on the little tart that set him up. This is a how to properly secure your quarry in the most provocative way instruction.

This book contains bondage, femdom, role reversal, some light feminization and use of sex toys. For mature readers only.

Author's Bio:

My name is Valerie Whip. I have enjoyed living the submissive and the dominant role in my daily life. I relish the feelings of control or lack of control. I like taking everyday circumstances and twisting them into stories that others can play out. I have been writing for more than 10 years now and can’t seem to stop composing scenarios that evoke steamy sexual encounters for others. I have to take frequent breaks in my endeavor to compose myself after becoming extremely wet and ready while telling my tales. I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I do writing them

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