Nina The Fallen Ballerina

By: Larry Archer

Genres: #AnalSex #Lesbian #HappilyEverAfter


Foxy and Larry #16

Nina, The Fallen Ballerina, is a sexy tale about a beautiful young woman who trained all her life to be a ballerina. But as she grew up, she realized that she was never going to achieve her dream.

Ballerinas are typically small tiny girls, and as Nina grew into a picture of her mother, she was tall and lanky, not ballerina material at all. Frustrated, Nina threw herself into her college studies and graduated with an MBA at age twenty-four.

Yet once again she was thwarted in her dreams. Working in an office with a sexist boss, she found herself unfulfilled and unhappy.

Just when things couldn’t get any darker, she discovered a job listing as an exotic dancer at The Fox’s Den. Could this be her destiny? She asked herself as she interviewed with the club’s manager Linda.

Maybe it was the first time dancing naked on stage or the way Linda kissed her that Nina felt she was home at last. It seemed natural to fall into the casual sex attitudes at The Fox's Den, and Nina found herself passed around like a joint at a hippie party.

Nina, the Fallen Ballerina, is an adult's only HEA story that features a lot of girl-on-girl action as well as explicit straight, oral, and anal scenes.
This story like all of Larry Archer's are explicit stories with vivid descriptions of sexual situations and written in the humorous style that Larry is known for.


Nina, poor Nina, has a job that’s a bore
She feels life should offer her so much more
She once thought she’d be a ballerina
But her tall size kept out the straight-laced Nina

Luckily she finds ‘The Fox’s Den’
Where the dancers and dancing rate a ten
She gets a new gig and finds a new ‘her’
And the people eating her crotch are not called ‘Sir’

Yeah, she falls for pussy, no ifs, ands and butts
And the audience loves her for being such a slut
Larry Archer and Foxy put on a great show
The girls just dance, play, fuck and blow

Where will this debauchery lead our favorite naked dancer?
Buy this hot book and get the answer!

KINKY RICHIE; 12/5/2017


Author's Bio:

Larry Archer writes hard core action filled adult erotica stories primarily in several topics, swinging, group sex (menage), bi-sexual, lesbian, Master/slave (BDSM), cuckold/Hotwife, and some incest/taboo. His stories are always bareback and you'll find the action you're looking for without any safe sex lessons. He's been writing adult oriented smut since 2012 and offers a blend of hot sex action with an actual plot to the story.

Larry and his wife are swingers in real life and often use his stories to tell about people they've partied with and the situations they've witnessed or been in. Writing adult-themed (erotica) stories using situations they have been in as a base was a natural for him. He has a vivid imagination and finds it easy to start with a scenario and develop that into a story.

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