Love Bi-Angle

By: Ken James

Genres: #BiSexual #Gay #MenageATrois


Andy and Pete have been best friends since grade school. Now, they're partners in their own rapidly-rising architecture firm.

Pete is secretly bisexual. He and Andy have been flirting since Andy's girlfriend broke up with him.

Just when Pete's ready to make a move, Andy meets Gretchen, a lusty farmer's daughter who's walked out on her abusive boyfriend.

Gretchen splits after her first night with Andy, pushing him into Pete's arms . . . and bed. Then, Gretchen comes back and Andy is caught between two lovers.

Somebody is going to get hurt.

Contains explicit male-male, male-female, and male-male-female sex..

Author's Bio:

I was born in Denver and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My first time with another boy was in my early teens. Girls came a few years later.

After I graduated from the University of Wyoming, I spent a year as a roadie for a series of rock and roll bands, then moved to Austin to work for a computer company.

I started writing in grade school and was a reporter on my junior high and high school papers. My lover (now husband) and I published a gay newspaper in Austin for several years.

I've been writing gay and bisexual erotic fiction since 2003.

I live in Austin with my husband Wayde and Snowball, our big black half-Siamese cat.

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