Accidental Hotwife

By: Dean Fox

Genres: #Hotwife #Interracial #Cuckold


An Erotic Interracial Adventure

What Happens When A Hotwife Fantasy Tease Suddenly Becomes All Too Real?

Jon’s heart was pounding in his chest. Lightning emotions coursed through his body at the scene that was unfolded before him. His own beautiful wife Cheryl, lay blindfolded and facedown on the bed in a stranger’s lavish hotel suite. She was panting, literally begging for this man to please her, and she had no idea that Jon was standing right there in the room observing her every expression! Jon struggles to control his own breathing as he watches Cheryl clutch at the sheets, biting her lip, moaning in anticipation of what is to come.

But then, Jon himself had set the events in motion which led to this very point. Jon himself had encouraged his wife to flirt with this man only hours earlier. It was a game they’d played before, but which this time had developed into something more. It was a game no longer.

Will their life ever be the same after tonight? Can Jon move past seeing his wife live out her wanton desires? What exactly took place behind those locked hotel doors?

CAUTION: This book depicts graphic sexual acts and adult situations. For adults only.

Author's Bio:

I write erotic interracial, hotwife, cuckold, and lifestyle fiction for my fans. I hope you enjoy reading my work. Be sure to subscribe to my fan club to get an erotic novella that's exclusively for my VIP fans, and only available there!

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