Bakerman's Super Erotic Compilation

By: Bakerman

Genres: #Granny #Taboo Topic #Anthology


This is a compilation of selections from all the erotic books I have written so far.

Although it is only selections from my books, it is still the hottest taboo erotica ever assembled in one volume. All divided into bite size, ALL OUT ACTION chapters. Only those pieces with the hottest erotic action were chosen, so nothing is left to the imagination. The connoisseur of erotica will love it. You will not have to page around; you will read everything.

Amongst others it include the hottest granny sex, the wickedest incest, the juiciest teens, the fattest cocks and the best copulation descriptions this side of the real thing.

Except for the selections, there are also two complete short stories included for your pleasure.

Really, if this book does not excite you, then you must be dead already.

Author's Bio:
Bakerman started out writing erotic stories while still in high school. This was after reading his first erotic story.

Being an avid reader of thrillers and horror, alla James Hadley Chase, Don Pendleton, Richard Sapir, Warren Murphy, Konsalik, Stephen King, etc...

...he was fascinated by the kind of writing which made erotica possible. Basically a porn movie without pictures, but beautiful and thoughtful and insightful. Not easy to write, but he experimented, until it felt right.

He gave his first effort to his harshest critics - his schoolmates. It was good when he saw smiles appearing on their faces, eyes blinking to make sure they are really seeing what they are seeing, as they read. They didn't criticize or make any comments, but they wanted more. This was a good sign. With his other stories, they just read a bit and then put it down and never asked for more. But now they wanted more and more and more. And they always wanted to take it home, to go read it there.

"Where it's quieter." They would say. But he knew why.
And he felt good.

Yes, he still writes thrillers and horror, but after having written it, he quietly files it away on his computer...

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