My Wife's Dirty Diary

By: Helen Ridley

Genres: #Couples #Fantasies #Confessions


When Neil first met the woman who would become his wife, she dropped an encyclopedia on his face. Ever since, Neil has loved Lana with a mad passion. But as the two of them have grown, their priorities have shifted. There's the mortgage to worry about, raising their young son, their careers...and never enough time to truly love each other like their wild college days. Neil's certain that Lana is bored with him and their marriage, and it breaks his heart. That is, until her secret diary falls into his hands. Helpless to ignore it, Neil discovers that his wife burns with the same passion as he, and longs for the shameless, sexy fun of their youth. That's all the encouragement Neil needs to fulfill his wife's every naughty fantasy!

Author's Bio:

You know Helen Ridley. She's sitting across from you in the cafe sipping coffee, patiently raising her hand at your local city council meeting. She's worked in cubicles and restaurants, and today she's probably editing some listicle about vegan delicacies. But at night, that's when she lets her wild fantasies guide her pen. Helen writes romance that's steamy and sensuous, with characters that live by their passions and love without limits. She lives in southern California with her partner and their grumpy dog, Vader.

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