Fallen Angels: A Hot Wife Story

By: Matthew Lee

Genres: #Hotwife #Model #Jealousy


Jasmine, her younger sister, seems equally docile. Even after Tony and Carla marry, Mother still holds sway.

Carla wants to try modeling and pleads with Tony, who works for Randy, a local photographer with a small studio. Tony talks to his boss and Randy agrees to give Carla a try, shocked and surprised when he meets Carla and discovers how pretty she is. Carla does an excellent job.

Randy soon finds himself in a bind when a model does not show for her scheduled session. Carla offers to step in and replace the wayward girl, determined to hide her insecurities and do a good job. She does, and Randy agrees to use her again. Unfortunately, Randy hits a dry spell for the kind of work Carla can do.

At last work arrives but it's way beyond anything Carla has attempted before. Randy offers the work to Tony and Carla.

Tony is sure Carla will refuse and then panics when she doesn't. Carla is in over her head but refuses to quit, even when the photo shoot gets out of hand. Randy keeps snapping pictures. In the end, Tony is enormously uncomfortable but Carla learns she likes that kind of work.

With perfect timing, wild younger sister Jasmine reenters the picture. Carla and Tony go out with her to meet some old friends and discover Jasmine has thrown off Mother's yoke long ago. Secrets are revealed and the sisters find themselves closer than ever.

Soon Carla is ready for more work and petitions Tony to approach Randy again, which he does. A slight misunderstanding leads to catastrophe and Tony watches in horror as Carla takes a huge and fateful step.

Author's Bio:

Author Matthew Lee started the Hotwife lifestyle with his first girlfriend at age sixteen. Virtually every relationship he had from then to now has had some form of sharing included. The books you read here are based on a lifetime of Matthew's sexual experiences.

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