Sex Machine

By: K.C. Cave

Genres: #Nymphomaniac #Deflowered #Group


Alison's Erotic Adventures Book 7

Alison's reputation as a sexual athlete catches up to her in the nicest way-science wants to model her libido for a high-tech sex robot! Her oversexed GF, Moriah is next in line-except for one problem: She's a gold star lesbian who has never done it with a man. Since the goal is a sex machine to help men with their issues, it only makes sense that the computer model requires P.I.V. experience with at least 4 men. So Alison arranges for Moriah to be the main vent at a bachelor's party. Problem solved!

Author's Bio:

A little about me: I'm a former journalist of more than 20 years now dedicated to something I actually know something about: sex. (Don't search K.C. Cave, though--it's my pen name.) My characters are real people to me, and I like to make them funny. I also like to make the sex explicit. Funny, isn't it, that explicit sex is more or less taboo, while violence is okay? Not ha-ha funny, though. I like erotica that's frequently funny--sometimes snarky--where no one gets hurt and everyone has fun--and gets off. Especially the reader.

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