TaXXXi Tales

By: Richie G

Genres: #UrbanJungle #Pornish #Humorous


Don Juan In The Driver's Seat!

MEET FRANKIE MORELLO, a sweet, charming, handsome and most importantly kinky cabbie who is chief among the Horn-Dog Drivers.

Frankie loves the ladies... and the ladies love him back!

Frankie befriends lonely late-night secretaries and high priced call-girls... no-holes-barred swinging couples and barely-legal street hookers... horny housewives in heat and hot whorehouse Madams.

The result: Sizzling in-depth erotic portraits of the wild, wonderful women who grace the back seat of Frankie's hardcore-confessional-on-wheels.

In TaXXXi Tales you'll meet:

KAT -- The barely-legal street hooker Frankie can't save from her pimp -- or herself!

DONNA -- The lonely, single business woman who demands a VERY weird deal to give Frankie her repeat-ride business!

CHARLENE -- An Avon Lady who goes the extra mile to seal the deal with the Horn-Dog Drivers... and goes even further with Frankie!

SHIRLEY -- The Asian cat house Madam whose "kittens" love Frankie (and his horny cab customers) long-time!

SYDNEY -- The stunningly beautiful, high-priced escort who makes Frankie play the strangest game of all!

...and over a dozen more amazing women!

These are Frankie Morello's TaXXXi Tales... just as he confessed them to the Horn-Dogs each night.

Now sit back, fasten your seat belt... and enjoy the ride! By the way, having some Dramamine handy is good planning.
The ride can get wild at times!

Author's Bio:

For years RICHIE G was the "Mister" of "Mr. & Mrs. YouPorn."

Richie and his wife Randi were part of a group that founded: -- at the time, the biggest amateur hardcore video site on the World Wide Web.

But every cool career has to start somewhere.

Long before he became Mr. YouPorn... long before the World Wide Web was even woven... Richie G was a night-shift cab driver prowling the steamy streets of San Francisco -- birthplace of the Sexual Revolution.

Richie belonged to an elite - and over-sexed - cabbie crew calling themselves the "Horn-Dog Drivers"; cabbies who swapped tall tales of their evening's erotic adventures.

Some tales were taller than others, but ONE driver's war stories were the wildest!

He was the biggest, baddest, and most successful 'ladies' man' cabbie in the garage.

To protect the innocent (or not so innocent) Richie has dubbed him FRANKIE MORELLO, and has penned this erotic account of his "Horn-Dog" deeds.

Frankie Morello truly was... Don Juan In The Driver's Seat!

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