The Film Star's Dark Secret: WWBM Interracial Erotica

By: Nick Shaw

Genres: #Interracial #Blackmail #IndecentProposal


Melissa ‘Missy’ McGuire comes to Los Angeles in 1962, hoping to act in Hollywood. Instead, she ends up working as a nude model in a photo studio. Eddie Conklin, a minor black gangster, befriends her at the studio. Later, during a weekend in Las Vegas, she meets Eddie after losing money at the roulette wheel. Eddie offers her money if she will have sex with a boxer, Jackson Coots, who is under contract with him. Missy agrees and this leads to a secret affair with the boxer.

Missy eventually becomes a known photo model in New York and then a film star in Hollywood. The studio boss gets wind of Missy’s affair with the black boxer and hires the mob to put pressure on Eddie Conklin and Jackson Coots to break off contacts with Missy. Jackson, distraught, dies in a drunken accident. Missy decides to leave Hollywood and retires to a farm in Tennessee, occasionally acting in television serials.

When her agent offers an opportunity to act as the female lead in an interracial film, she sees it as a comeback chance. After the film is shot in Toronto, she goes to Los Angeles for a publicity photo shoot.

Lisa Donovan assigns Jason Grant, the token black employee in her talent agency, to chaperon Missy during the photo shoot. Jason checks up Missy’s biography and notices that she quit Hollywood at the height of her career. He requests a friend to investigate. They manage to get some compromising Polaroid shots of Missy with Jackson Coots, a black boxer.

While driving Missy to her hotel, Jason informs her that he has the photos of her with Jackson. Missy suspects Jason’s intentions and this leads to an altercation.

Read the book to know what happens next.

This is a revised edition of my earlier book titled ‘The Secret Lives of White Cougars’.

WARNING 18+: This book contains material that may be considered offensive to some readers, which includes interracial relationships, graphic language, explicit sex, and adult situations.

Author's Bio:

My books deal essentially with intercultural relationships set within the context of racial attitudes.

‘Joshua's Awakening’ was inspired by the clash of cultures when a young African comes to stay in England and has his first sexual encounters with Englishwomen

‘The Film Star’s Dark Secret’ focuses on racial prejudices in USA during the 1960s and 1970s when a white film star has an affair with a black boxer.

‘The Enigmatic English Escort’ deals with a love affair between an English escort and her coloured admirer.

‘Diane’s Story’ describes the experience of a fiftyish white widow who goes on her first cruise and ends up having a torrid affair with her cabin attendant.

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