50 Shades Of Taboo

By: Lacey Harper

Genres: #HolidayStory #OldNYoung #Anthology


Taboo Erotic Romance

Valentine's Day is the sexiest holiday of the year and this year, it's totally taboo. This three book bundle is packed with innocent little brats and the older men who lust after them.

Her Dirty Valentine's Day
Shopping with the Man of the House shouldn't make her this wet, but the little brat can't help it. The untouched brat is completely innocent before she goes into the dressing room with him. She's never even had her first time, so she couldn't possibly know how to seduce the forbidden man... Could she?

It's really up to him to keep his hands to himself. After all, he's an older man and she's just a young woman. But, will he resist temptation, or will he take her hard, deep and without protection?

Punish Me! Valentine's Day
The Man of the House has a very naughty surprise for his little brat. He found her diary filled with her secret, deviant desires and he can't wait to make her wet with lust. He knows exactly where to take her - Corporal Castle.

Janelle has no idea what the Man of the House has planned for Valentine's Day. When they arrive at the dungeon of sensual delights, she can't help but shiver with anticipation. A mysterious, whip-wielding Dom and a group of strangers want to take her hard, deep and without protection. But can she go through with it and give in to her darkest, most carnal desires?

Secret Valentine
Chastity's naughty fantasies about Mr. Garrison's scorching hot body will probably never come true. Still, she's happy to be his sitter. On Valentine's Day, everything changes after Mr. Garrison's wife storms out of the house. Chastity tries to console him, but he has something better in mind. Something involving the five, filthy Valentine's Day presents he has waiting in his bedroom. Five presents that will shock and excite the untouched little sitter.

Author's Bio:
Lacey Harper is the best-selling author of over 30 books. She lives with her husband and countless freshwater fish behind the orange curtain in sunny Orange County, CA. When she's not penning steamy stories, she enjoys playing poker and naked hot-tubbing, but not necessarily in that order.

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