Sign Up To Be Humiliated: Stuck In A Wall 3

By: Daisy Rose

Genres: #PublicSex #Humiliation #BDSM


Far from it, in fact. Her reputation as a stitch is earned from her tattling on her peers whenever they mess up, but she's an RA for her building, which means she's totally supposed to stitch on them.

It also means that she doesn't have many friends and thusly doesn't get invited to parties. So when she suddenly gets invited to a frat party, she is understandably suspicious... She is a smart girl. She knows they aren't planning anything good for her and she knows the reputation of that particular frat house.

She has walked into one of their 'parties' once before and it involved people stripping and enjoying themselves... and each other, in broad daylight with people filming everything.

An invitation means an opportunity to be debased and humiliated by people who has probably been waiting for this very opportunity.

She shouldn't go.

She knows she shouldn't go.

She goes anyways.

Author's Bio:

Daisy Rose is a lover of hucow, exhibitionism, domination, taboo erotica and any combination thereof.

She particular enjoys placing her main characters in unlikely situations that will excite and arouse her readers to the likes of which have never been experienced before. Follow Daisy's Twitter @DaisyRoseWrites or email her at!

In her free time, Daisy experiments with the toys her master brings for her and finds new ways to get away with bending the rules... or get caught and suffer the consequences. It's a win-win either way.

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