Alpha Werewolves & Little Kittens

By: Arian Wulf

Genres: #AlphaMales #MindControl #Shifter


Her favorite food is fish. She enjoys long naps whilst curled up at high places. She's a Cat Shifter with more cat-like characteristics and physical proof of her animal than most Shifters, which normally means she should be put in a special facility, but her parents want her to be human, so she pretends as much as she can.

Until she's caught in an act of public indecency that causes everything to fall apart.

Now, she's under the care of two Alpha Werewolves who keep her as a precious Pet, one that they would cuddle and pamper-and fill up in all the right places, making her purr and keen as she nuzzles up to them, helplessly under their control.


Arian Wulf has always loved supernatural stories and wished they were just a little more... frisky.

Less plot, more sex, thank you very much!

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