Office Romance Public Use 3-Book-Bundle

By: Daisy Rose

Genres: #OfficeSex #PublicSex #Anthology


How To Get Fired

This bundle includes:

Shameless Desperate Secretary:
Hailey is helplessly, hopelessly in love with her boss. She has been holding a torch for him for the past five years and it's ruining her life. She can't look at any of the men she's trying to date without comparing them to Julian and thinking about how her boss is just better in every way. Julian has more kissable lips, broader shoulders, softer hair, varied vocabulary, better manners... the list goes on and on. It certainly doesn't help that he is somehow able to be kind towards her while also not realizing she exists. It's torture.
There's only one thing to do.
She has to distance herself from him, which means she should find a different job. Except she can't bring herself to quit.
So, she comes up with a terrible plan to get herself fired so she can finally move on. First, she goes to a fetish club and finds herself a Dom willing to help her because if her life is going to implode, she might as well do it in the most spectacular way possible. The Dom will help her with shedding her restraints, taking off her clothes one by one until she's surrendering her all to him. He starts her with something simple, taking off her jacket at first, and then her underwear... revealing more and more skin until she is not wearing anything at all.

Available for Public Use:
Shelby is office property. That means she's hired specifically for public use - office use. She spends most of her time waiting to be used together with her colleague, Jenny, who is much better at the job than she is. Jenny comes to work dressed to the nines and then swiftly removes all of that, giving everyone a good show as she waltzes into her assigned cubicle, the transparent walls ensuring the show doesn’t have to end.
Shelby's part is much less glamorous. She works in the dingy basement with a single noisy air-conditioning unit to keep her company. While she technically has the same role that Jenny plays, she is assigned a comfortable little box and a character that she's supposed to roleplay.
Well, she's tired of playing second fiddle to Jenny. She's going to step up her game and get people to come down here, even if it means breaking all the terms of her contract and risking getting fired.

Fall Hopelessly in Love:
Allison is a transcriptionist bored out of her mind, so when she is offered the job of a secretary to a well-known author, she leaps at it without reading the fine print. She didn't know she was agreeing to moving to a different state and into a mansion!
The increase in salary is significant, and room and board are all included, so it is a win-win for her, especially when she sees the handsome man she would be spending the majority of her time with. Dalquiel - You will address me as Mr. James. I prefer to keep our relationship strictly professional - is a good employer. It helps that he is so easy on the eye, considering that they are going to be spending so much time in each other's presence.
There are secrets abound in the mansion that she is insistent on keeping away from. After all, she finally has her life in order. There's a young nephew who has been kicked out of three schools, a housekeeper who thinks their employer's business is failing and fears the mansion is going to be put up for sale, and a woman who is adamant that Mr. James and her are meant to be and makes it clear that Allison is 'just staff'.
Will she be able to keep her own rule on not getting involved in the business of others, or will she find herself trapped in the mystery that has wrapped itself around her like a second skin?

Author's Bio:

Daisy Rose is a lover of hucow, exhibitionism, domination, taboo erotica and any combination thereof.

She particular enjoys placing her main characters in unlikely situations that will excite and arouse her readers to the likes of which have never been experienced before. Follow Daisy's Twitter @DaisyRoseWrites or email her at!

In her free time, Daisy experiments with the toys her master brings for her and finds new ways to get away with bending the rules... or get caught and suffer the consequences. It's a win-win either way.

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