My Husband Wants Me To Date?: Cin's Discovery

By: Laran Mithras

Genres: #Hotwife #Fantasies #WomansViewpoint


Cindy catches her husband watching a filthy porn video. Robert tries to explain to her why.

What follows is Cindy's discovery of a fantasy her husband has of her. Confused, having thought their marriage was perfect, she explores her feelings and attitudes. Had she become so comfortable with her routine that she had built emotional walls around herself? And even against her husband?

A carpenter who comes into her workplace has a flirty eye. He has more than smiles on his mind. A neighbor who annoys them with his Harley turns out to be a lonely gentleman. He will show Cindy a respect that shakes her understanding of her life.

Can Cindy embrace her husband's hotwife fantasy without losing who she really is?

Author's Bio:

No cliffhangers, no endless chapters, no ongoing fighting and misunderstanding until the last page of the book.

I write hot stories about normal people. My heroes are handsome men, but not freaks of nature. My heroines don't have 48EEE boobs on 91-pound frames. All of my stories contain those truths that are most often overlooked in a relationship. Exceptional passion can be found everyday, and I write my stories about the "everyday" in all of us.

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