It's Not Cheating

By: Laran Mithras

Genres: #Hotwife #Fantasies #Sexual Experimentation


Men: buy this for your wife as a gift. Tell her it's a steamy romance (which it is). Open up within her the fantasy of being a hot wife.

Elizabeth Monroe knows that to cheat on her handsome husband Derek would destroy her life. She doesn't view kisses and hugs as crossing the line and this gets her involved with an associate of hers named Ben. Innocent kisses. Harmless hugs. But her solid line of cheating is drawn at penetration. She begins to explore a little more than just kissing.

Approaching that line of distinction, she continues to believe she's not cheating as long as she doesn't allow penetration.

Her husband Derek has long had a fantasy to see her let go. He has a friend, Dieter, who is willing to help Elizabeth when she feels she has failed her husband.

What develops is a searing look at inhibitions that block people from fully understanding each other.

Author's Bio:

No cliffhangers, no endless chapters, no ongoing fighting and misunderstanding until the last page of the book.

I write hot stories about normal people. My heroes are handsome men, but not freaks of nature. My heroines don't have 48EEE boobs on 91-pound frames. All of my stories contain those truths that are most often overlooked in a relationship. Exceptional passion can be found everyday, and I write my stories about the "everyday" in all of us.

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