Shared For The First Time: The Black Candidate

By: E. M. Smart

Genres: #Shared #Interracial #Unprotected Sex


Emma and Scott had seen some tough times. But their fortunes changed when Scott takes a position as the campaign manager for a black candidate for the state senate. An unexpected victory leads to a husband and wife behind-closed-doors celebration. But a political rival threatens to disrupt the couple's happiness.

So Emma catches the candidate's attention with a bold and sexy move. As things heat up with the candidate, Emma pushes her limits further and further. She winds up alone with him in her husband's office. The powerful, muscular black man takes her hard and unprotected.

Her husband listens on the other side of the door while she becomes a hot wife and cuckolds him with her black, powerful lover.

What happens when the candidate is finished with her? Will her husband allow her back in his bed?

Their story is filled with pleasures of the flesh and sexual exploration.

Will she ever go back to her normal life?

This story by E.M. Smart contains descriptions of wife sharing, and interracial sex; as well as possibly disturbing depictions of cuckolding, and hot-wifery.

Author's Bio:

When I was at school a friend introduced me to the music of a seventies Canadian rock group named Trooper. One of their tunes was a song called "We're Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time". I loved the song and it became part of my philosophy of life -- which explains how I got knocked off of my biz school track and became a writer.
Another part of my personal philosophy is that life boils down to food and sex -- which is convenient, given the annual income of a writer. Well anyway, I love writing about the erotic and naughtier aspects of life. This saves me a ton of money in therapy costs because I try to work out my issues in each of my stories.
My work is short and steamy -- ideal for a short commute or for those all-too-brief moments of peace and quiet.
Anyway, thanks for visiting my Author Page and hopefully for sampling some of my writing.

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