The Sensible Wife: Suburban Spouse Swapping

By: E. M. Smart

Genres: #SpouseSwap #Voyeurism #UnprotectedSex


There's A Heat In The Suburbs

And It Could Be Just Next Door.

Jane and Ken Parker live sensible lives in their suburban enclave. But one night they witness something that threatens their hard-earned stability. They watch as their next door neighbors, Dave and Vicki Singer, explore their sensuality with wild abandon.

The next morning Vicki makes a confession to her neighbor. She tells Jane about her swinging lifestyle. And then she makes a proposition that shakes the sensible wife to her core.

What happens when the Parkers decide to do some exploring of their own? Will Ken agree to swap his wife with his neighbor? The sexual revolution is about to hit this quiet suburb, and it's going to take it hard and unprotected!

This 6,300-word story by E.M. Smart contains descriptions of wife sharing, wife swapping, and voyeurism.

Author's Bio:

When I was at school a friend introduced me to the music of a seventies Canadian rock group named Trooper. One of their tunes was a song called "We're Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time". I loved the song and it became part of my philosophy of life -- which explains how I got knocked off of my biz school track and became a writer.

Another part of my personal philosophy is that life boils down to food and sex -- which is convenient, given the annual income of a writer. Well anyway, I love writing about the erotic and naughtier aspects of life. This saves me a ton of money in therapy costs because I try to work out my issues in each of my stories. My work is short and steamy -- ideal for a short commute or for those all-too-brief moments of peace and quiet.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my Author Page and hopefully for sampling some of my writing.

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