Bored To Tears By My Asian Husband: Hot Asian Wives Cuckold Their Inadequate Husbands - Short Stories

By: Moctezuma Johnson

Genres: #Cuckold #Husband #Multicultural


This book tracks different housewives, from a wife adapting to a yoga class in a posh city in the US, to an Asian BBW hair salon worker in Seoul who only gets checked out by black guys. See how all these women are pushed to their limits. See how each woman has to take a scary plunge to fulfill her desires. There a lot at stake in each tryst, and a lot of hot action to figure out what to do.

Praise for Moctezuma Johnson:

"MJ, also known as the "King of Erotica", is one of the most entertaining erotica authors I have ever come across. His writing takes you on such an incredibly descriptive, and highly erotic, journey. Reading his work makes you feel dirty, in exactly the way you want to feel when reading "literary porn". I have read several of his books, and poems, and I am never disappointed. MJ always delivers, and never disappoints."
--Jenny Foshia, Author

"I'm on record as an unabashed fan of Moctezuma Johnson, so you can believe me when I tell you that this is not like the rest of his work. It is, and yet it's not - this one's too much like real life in some ways (that I suspect he knows way too much about).

Not to be ethnocentric, but all this talk about rolls of dimes and pieces of rice makes me glad I was born in the West, as do some of the descriptions of the women that MJ has no doubt enjoyed in the course of his life. It's enlightening to me as a sort of vignette of his past: what makes the man? What kind of batshit insane things would I be writing if I had grown up as one of the women in his stories? --Callie Press, Author

Author's Bio:

Moctezuma has been called the King of SMUTPUNK and the King of Literary Erotica. His style is a high-pitched genre blender running on high. The same way fresh pressed juice is trending, so is MJ's smutpunk.

If you want to taste what bestselling author Linzi Basset calls "that imminent euphoria that MJ excels at" then you need to start reading.

He's been called "Bukowski on Steroids", "Kerouac with lube," and "Mika Tan meets Philip K. Dick." Buy a book for yourself, send one to friends. MJ books are unforgettable gifts that keep on giving.

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