Halloween Treats: An Anthology

By: Louise Taylor and 3 Others

Genres: #HolidayStory #Kinky #Anthology


Halloween Switch by Lizzie Steele
It isn't all fun and games when Megan drags her reluctant husband to yet another company party at the stuffy law firm where she works. Megan and several of her friends all decide to dress in school uniforms, while their significant others assume the role of their wealthy fathers in their boring tuxedos.
An odd message had been carved above the arches, though, which turned out to be so much more than just part of the decorations. At midnight, the paralegals actually become schoolgirls, and Megan soon finds herself over her daddy's knee for a much-needed lesson.

Spooked by Courage Knight
Dillon was all prepared for Halloween, having decorated his Victorian home with friendly-faced jack-o-lanterns, window clings, and a scarecrow. But no children would ever venture down his long driveway to knock on the door to the house everyone knew was haunted.
His wife issued an ultimatum. He could chose to stay, sharing his home with the resident ghosts who refused to leave, or he could come away with her. To ensure she got her way, she'd stopped making the mortgage payments five months before. It was only a matter of time before the bank foreclosed. Then he'd be forced to leave with her.
But it wasn't just that she hadn't paid the mortgage. She's spent it!
And to make matters worse, their house really was haunted...

Trick or Treat! by Louise Taylor
Art teacher Emily has spent all day prepping the Haunted House her school is running as part of their Halloween Fair and she can't wait to show it to Peter, her new boyfriend. Peter is pretty much perfect: he's tall, handsome, respectful, and kind, but there's just one problem - their sex lacks spark.
While she debates whether she can cope with a spark-less sex life, Emily drags a reluctant Peter around the Haunted House. The only problem is that Emily has made the Haunted House a little too scary.
Now Emily discovers just how strong and dominant her boyfriend can be when he decides to give her a punishment spanking like she's never had before.

A Very Happy Halloween! by Louise Taylor
Emma and Jack have just moved to a new town to start their lives together but they have to spend their first Halloween apart as computer coder Jack is sent away on business. Jack is a Halloween fanatic and has decorated their new home so well that all the neighbourhood come trick or treating on Halloween. He just wishes he could be there to hand out all the candy!
Emma, however, has a very different idea about what children should be given on Halloween. When Jack returns to find out that Emma has ruined their Halloween reputation, there's only one way to deal with this first domestic argument -a good spanking!

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