Summer Heat: Sensations Book 1

By: Fiona Thrust

Genres: #Alpha Males #Sexual Awakening #Voyeurism


'I've been having these sensations lately. Strong sexual sensations. Beautiful feelings in my body that I don't know how to control, and which have been threatening to overcome me. And my body's been telling me that the meaning of life is to give in to this most delicious pleasure...'

A new guy moves in next door during a sweltering summer, and he's gorgeous. Linda watches him from her bedroom window as this alpha hunk gets his stuff out of his jeep - his bare and broad muscular chest exposed to the hot sun - and she wants his hard, hot and naked body into her life.

Her friend Tracy suggests a plan how she can inflame his passion, which means wearing a little black cocktail dress with a supposedly jammed zip which needs his attention - a problem which, naturally, only his sexy warm exploring fingers can solve - and it also involves a secret video camera, so Tracy can watch the two of them naked together, and join in the fun without him knowing. Linda craves him so much, that she is delighted to make her friend happy...

Author's Bio:

I absolutely adore the ecstasy of sex.

I'm fascinated about it: the feelings, the sensations, the incandescent beauty of love and lust...

Therefore, I'm delighted to write erotic stories about the power of it.

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