Naked And Sexual

By: Fiona Thrust

Genres: #WomansViewpoint #Seduction #MenageATrois


Fiona Thrust Book 1

'You know, there's no pleasure like the joy of being a sexual woman. You can take your careers, your money, your houses and possessions, and you can go and throw them in a lake. Because life is really all about sex. That's what I keep learning, again and again. It's the most important thing, woven into the very centre of life...'

An ongoing series of sexual adventures about a broadminded woman dedicated to the pursuit of her romantic, sensual and carnal pleasures. The series is simply called, Fiona Thrust.

In this first episode, Fiona is besotted with the gorgeous boss of a local tea room, and gets a job as a waitress to seduce him. As she removes his clothes from his taut and tanned muscular body, she knows it's much more fun than drinking a cup of Earl Grey.

The temperature rises when a female customer enters the shop, to the hot delight of all three...

Length of actual story: 12,000 words, which is estimated to be about 48 pages.

Naturally, this erotica ebook is only intended for adult readers over the age of 18 who love the beauty of sex. All the characters in this story are adults over the age of 18 who love the joy of pleasure.

Author's Bio:

I absolutely adore the ecstasy of sex.

I'm fascinated about it: the feelings, the sensations, the incandescent beauty of love and lust...

Therefore, I'm delighted to write erotic stories about the power of it.

This ebook is erotica celebrating the pleasures of sex, and is for adult readers only over the age of 18. All the characters in this story adore the hot thrill of sex, and are pleasure-loving adults over the age of 18.

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